2015 AIPM Scholarship Recipient Announced

ACWAP is delighted to announce the recipient of the AIPM Scholarship, Senior Sergeant Jane-Marie Kluzek of SAPOL.  Thank you to all 29 applicants for your expression of interest.  The EOI’s were of a high standard and we wish all applicants the best in their policing endeavours.

The Australasian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP) is constantly seeking opportunities for women in law enforcement and in 2015 is offering a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Police Management’s (AIPM) new program titled BALANCE: Women Leaders In Public Safety.  This program is designed specifically for women who are already exercising significant leadership within their organisation.

Benefits of the program

·         Strategic focus program which utilises the 70:20:10 learning framework
·         Explores experiential approaches which will directly address workplace issues
·         Enhance the skills and understanding of the behaviours necessary to be more effective as a leader in the public safety environment
·         Understanding of the specific challenges facing women in leadership in public safety organisations
·         Ability to diagnose, influence and shape solutions for addressing the contemporary environment
·         Enhanced capacity to use formal and informal means to influence and initiate change
·         Ability to recognise and negotiate the challenges of changing complex traditional organisations

ACWAP will fund the scholarship ($4750) which includes all program and tuition costs, including the associated accommodation and meals. The scholarship also includes return economy airfares to Sydney and return transport to AIPM.

The recipient of the scholarship will be required to give an undertaking that they will attend and participate in all aspects of the program. The recipient will also be requested to provide a written paper for publishing in the Australasian Journal for Women and Policing on their experiences of this program.  There is also an opportunity for the recipient to present at an ACWAP conference further representing their agency.

Further information on the program is available on the Australian Institute of Police Management website found at the following link:


If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact Chief Superintendent Debbie Platz, who is on the ACWAP Council on 0402133009 or Platz.Debbie@police.qld.gov.au.