Bev Lawson Memorial Award

Bev Lawson Memorial Award

Current or former female employees of an Australian, New Zealand or Pacific policing, law enforcement or justice agency may be nominated for this Award.

The Bev Lawson Memorial Award is the Council’s most prestigious award and recognises the most outstanding woman who has been first in any law enforcement activity or support service. The Award is in honour of the ground-breaking achievements of Bev Lawson, who as Deputy Commissioner of the NSW Police was Australia’s most senior woman in policing until her untimely death in 1998.

The criteria for the Bev Lawson Memorial Award are to have:

  • been a first in a particular area, field or endeavour; and
  • made a significant contribution to that area, field or endeavour; and
  • paved the way for women who follow; and
  • encouraged and supported other women in law enforcement to develop their skills and abilities.

Download the Bev Lawson Memorial Award Nomination Form 2022.

2021 Winner – Sandra Venables


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