Emerging Leadership Award

The Emerging Leadership Award recognises leadership is not related to service; role, classification or rank; but occurs when people make deliberate choices to effectively guide and nurture and invest in others.

This award recognises that leaders influence others, commit to their own and others’ personal development, have strong ‘people building’ skills and see possibilities through the introduction of innovative practices.

The criteria for the Emerging Leadership are to have:

  • shown dynamic and innovative leadership regardless of role or position; and/or
  • contributes significantly to the values of their organisation and held themselves and others to account; and/or
  • contributed significantly to her profession or community; and
  • mentored, supported and/or provided guidance to others in policing or law enforcement, particularly women; and
  • learnt from experiences and shared that learning broadly within their organisation or the wider policing, law enforcement and justice community.

Download the Emerging Leadership Form 2022 here.