Excellence in Law Enforcement for Women Initiative Award

This Award is open to an individual, unit or agency in Australia, New Zealand or Pacific who has improved policing for women.

This Award recognises the initiative working to improve law enforcement for women. It acknowledges the excellent initiatives that exist within the community and law enforcement to improve women’s lives and safety, and women’s capacity to contribute to the community. This Award aims to highlight the work being done by individuals and groups from organisations such as domestic violence crisis services, women’s services, community policing units, law enforcement agencies’ service delivery units, and activists who are working to bring together women and those charged with protecting human rights.

The criteria for the Excellence in Law Enforcement for Women Initiative are to have:

  • had a significant positive impact on how women are able to access the justice system through law enforcement; and/or
  • improved the outcomes for women who access the justice system; and/or
  • built relationships that further women’s justice and policing interest; and/or
  • enhanced networks between law enforcement and the community.

Download the Excellence in Law Enforcement for Women Initiative Award Nomination Form here.

Awards Presentation Dinner

The 22nd Excellence in Policing Awards will be presented at a dinner in Sydney in November 2021. Details TBA.