Integrity and Courage Award


Integrity and Courage Award Criteria

Current or former female employees of an Australian, New Zealand or Pacific policing, law enforcement or justice agency may be nominated for this Award.

The Integrity and Courage Award seeks to acknowledge the personal commitment required to make the community and law enforcement better for everyone. It is an opportunity to recognise more than just physical bravery, but seeks to recognise the courage and integrity of the circumstances where someone has the time to think about the implications of their actions and the impact those actions will have on their career, their family and themselves.

It includes resolving conflict or situations that require challenging established beliefs or practices and/or protecting others who are negatively affected by unlawful, dangerous, discriminatory or unethical practices or events. It recognises the ability to act in the fortitude, where there is time to reflect on the consequences of actions, where there is time to analyse the risks and long-term damage, and where the outcome may bring about significant change and impact to the parties involved.

The criteria for the Integrity and Courage Award are to have:

  • resolved or intervened a situation or series of incidents to protect others; and/or
  • protected and cared for others involved using innovative and non-traditional responses; and/or
  • sought a resolution which had the potential to bring about significant change and positive impact.

Nominators should consider whether their nomination would also be eligible for a Bravery Award through, for example, the Australian or New Zealand Honours systems. For more information go to  or

Download the Integrity and Courage Award Nomination Form 2022.

2021 Winner – Kate Maxwell


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