ACWAP will be holding its next Annual General Meeting (AGM) after the Perth “The Power of Many Equals” development seminar as per the following details:

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Crown, Perth

Grand Ballroom

Great Eastern Highway

Burswood, WA, 6100

12:30pm Friday 14 September 2018

At the AGM, the Council will call for membership nominations and elect Executive Committee members as well as general Committee members.

We are now seeking nominations of candidates for election as office-bearers of the council or as ordinary committee members. You must be a current financial and registered ACWAP member to participate in this process.

Please refer to the attached forms for further information:

Form/s need to be delivered to the secretary of the council not less than 7 days before the date fixed for the annual general meeting at which the election is to take place.

Should you wish to submit a nomination, then your nomination/s will be required to be submitted to the email user group by COB Friday, 7th September 2018.