ACWAP Awards 2002

The recipients of the 2002 Australasian Council of Women and Policing were presented with their awards at a dinner at Parliament House in Canberra during the 2002 Women and Policing Globally conference.

Individual Awards

Bravery Award

Senior Constable Melinda Edwards, Victoria Police
Challenging the homophobic attitudes of a police agency.

Bev Lawson Memorial Award 

Ms Margaret Hogan, Victoria Police Association
A significant leader for the women working with the police unions in Australia and New Zealand

Most Outstanding Female Leader Inspector

Jill Wood, Victoria Police
An advocate for women providing opportunities for women through her leadership and expertise

Most Outstanding Female Investigator

Detective Sergeant Jill Rogers, New Zealand Police
Excellent performance in high profile, complex and multi-district investigations

Most Outstanding Female Administrator

Tarina Martyn, Victoria Police
Implementing innovative programs to improve the relationship with the Indigenous community.

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Senior Constable Donna Gale, Victoria Police, exemplary work at the Knox Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Unit.

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Ms Joy Kulh, Northern Territory Police
Establishing the NT’s forensic capabilities and active in the wider women’s sector.

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Senior Constable Janet McGrath, Western Australia Police, GinGin Police Station
Providing a positive approach to policing and promoting a positive female role model for students and the school community.

Organisational Awards

Best police service employer for women

Victoria Police
A measurable improvement in the recruitment, retention and promotion and of women and increasing the number of female officers employed in non-traditional areas.

Special Award for Significant Achievement

Tasmania Police
A significant program of change including providing paid maternity leave.

Most woman-friendly police union.

This award has never been made.

Most significant achievement in advancing the status of women in law enforcement

Dr Tim Prenzler, Griffith University
Internationally renowned research on the status of women in policing.

Community Awards

Most significant achievement in improving the relationship between women in the community and in law enforcement and policing

Sergeant Mary Skelton, Northern Territory Police
Working with the culturally diverse Darwin community.