ACWAP Awards 2003

The recipients of the 2003 National Excellence in Policing Awards were announced at the presentation dinner in Hobart on Saturday 4 October 2003. They are:

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Sergeant Michelle Henderson, Victoria Police
For achievement and leadership.

Sergeant Fran Poole, NSW Police
For skill and achievement in Forensic Services

Detective Sergeant Delia QuigleyAustralian Federal Police
Certificate of Achievement for improving policing for the gay and lesbian community.

Bev Lawson Memorial Award

Sergeant Fay Daniel, Victoria Police, 
For making a difference to how the Victoria Police responds to family violence.

Most Significant Achievement in Advancing the Status of women in Policing

Superintendent Mark Lammas, New Zealand Police
For implementing policies that improve policing for women

Griffith University Excellence in Research on Improving Policing for Women Award

Ms Kim Adams, Ms Nadia Boni and Ms Michelle Circelli from the Australian Centre for Police Research
For rigorous, quality research that takes into account how gender impacts on policing.

Bravery Award

Detective Senior Constable Debra Robertson, Victoria Police
For asking for part-time work in a Criminal Investigations Unit in the Victoria Police in 1998 and then continuing on improving policing for women through leadership in the Police Association.

Sergeant Dawn Lunn, South Australia Police
For speaking out about equity issues and seeking positive change.

Most Outstanding Female Administrator

Ms Cheryl Clarke, NSW Police
For improving policing for the mentally ill.

Ms Kate Prenter, Tasmania Police
or developing and implementing change.

Rebecca Wilson, Western Australia Police
For making policing services available to a remote community.

Most Outstanding Female Leader

Inspector Joanne Shanahan, South Australia Police
or mentoring and inspiring young women to improve policing.

Inspector Catherine Bullen, Western Australia Police
Certificate of Achievement for inspiration and pioneering leadership for women in the unique and remote policing environment of WA.

Sergeant Kellee Walters, Western Australia Police
Certificate of Achievement for empowering young women and preventing harassment.

Most Woman-Friendly Police Union

No nominations received.

Most Outstanding Female Investigator

Detective Superintendent Kim McKay, NSW Police
skilled investigator who has worked to improve the policing response to sexual assault.

Sergeant Donna Adams, Tasmania Police
Certificate of Achievement, an outstanding investigator, particularly in internal investigations.

Most significant achievement in improving the relationship between women in the community and policing

Mala Police, South Australia
or innovative strategies to prevent family violence

Best Police Service

South Australia Police
Certificate of Achievement for creating an environment that values the contribution of its female employees.