ACWAP Awards 2005

The 2005 Australasian Council of Women and Policing’s Seventh Annual Excellence in Policing Awards were presented on August 22 at the Council’s 2005 Improving Policing for Women in the Asia Pacific conference in Darwin.

Bev Lawson Memorial Award 

Senior Constable Joanne Bailey, Queensland Police Service
She was the first woman who gained a transfer to what was considered a high risk area where those police who had worked there were considered to be a “special breed” when in1996 she was transferred to the remote indigenous community of Kowanyaya, as the first female police officer from her police service to work in a remote indigenous community. She has continued to serve in these remote Indigenous communities, making a real difference and showing the value women bring to policing, and that that difference is what makes a difference.

Most outstanding female investigator – highly commended

Constable Elaina Conyers, Tasmania Police
Highly commended in the Most Outstanding Female Investigator Award is a young woman who has been outstanding in her work investigating violence against women.

Most outstanding female investigator – highly commended

Detective Senior Sergeant Christine Grant, Victoria Police
She has made a difference to how crimes against women are investigated and in particular for women who have been subject to police crime and misconduct and has made it easier for women to make complaints and to give evidence.

Most outstanding female investigator

Detective Senior Constable Sharon Butterfield, NSW Police Service
She works closely and compassionately with female victims, supporting and encouraging their reporting and maintaining that support while it was needed. She challenged existing views of women as both victims and perpetrators.

Griffith University Excellence in Research on Improving Policing for Women Award

Dr Jude McCulloch
For her research on policing, including her paper Brute Force: the need for affirmative action in the Victoria Police Force, which highlighted how the recruitment practices of the day prohibited the equal participation of women in the Victoria Police and provided an important reference for other researchers.

Most outstanding female leader – highly commended

Detective Chief Inspector Janice Stirling, NSW Police Service
Nominated for her achievements in leading a large team and dealing with the difficulties that this type of work entails. She demonstrates what good leadership is about and while managing more than 100 staff around NSW she has implemented job share and part-time work arrangement, and has developed a motivated and committed team.

Most outstanding female leader

Superintendent Sandra Nicholson, Victoria Police
An honest, flexible and supportive leader who is highly professional and experienced in executive management providing high quality policing services to the community and the development of people. A strategic thinker with excellent communication skills and a “can do” approach who delivers results and treats others with respect and empowers them to fulfil their highest potential.

Most outstanding female practitioner

Senior Constable Annette Barton
An inspiration to everyone she comes into contact with, a committed worker who is dedicated to improving the services to women who have been raped or sexually assaulted. She is a role model and is always willing to give support and advice.

Most outstanding female practitioner – highly commended

 Senior Constable Linda Hancock, Victoria Police
A hardworking member who is committed to providing a professional service to the community. Highly respected by the community and an effective union delegate.
She has made real changes to her community’s safety and has fostered a strong relationship with many groups. A highly professional practitioner who is valued by the community.

Bravery Award

Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer Lorraine Jones, NT Police
A traditional woman in a non-traditional role showing great commitment, courage and a determination to improve the lives of those she has been involved with, often in stressful and violence situations.

Most outstanding female administrator

Ms Renae Hodgson, Western Australia Police
For making a significant impact on the lives of many women within the police service and her unwavering support of the Women’s Advisory Network has made a real difference.

Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative

Inspector Rob Veal, New Zealand Police
Developing and implementing programs that reduce domestic violence, enhancing the safety and welfare of women and improving the police response to violence against women, this recipient has worked hard and contributed a great deal of thought, time and effort to developing appropriate training packages to help police in his own and other pacific nations to combat violence against women.

Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative – highly commended

Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council
A group of strong women, who have exhibited their hope and determination by their continued efforts to highlight their communities’ issues, to lobby governments and to provide outstanding services to the people of their Lands. The Women’s Council brings together women in the region to exchange knowledge about traditional culture, perform ceremonial dances and discuss the issues affecting their way of life, the most urgent of these issues include domestic violence, substance abuse, youth suicide and childcare.

Among the services provided is a highly successful domestic violence service which complements the work of law enforcement. This service acknowledges the difficulties many women in their communities have in reporting this violence to the police and takes the stance that domestic violence will not be tolerated among their people.

Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative – highly commended

Acting Sergeant Michelle Clarke, NSW Police Service 
For her work in tackling domestic violence in her community. She researched and implemented a strategy that is appropriate for her community and has made a real difference.

Excellence in Employment Initiative

North East Local Service Area, South Australia Police
An example of making the rhetoric into reality and how by being a bit flexible that experienced, qualified and motivated staff can be retained and flourish. It has 5% more female operational members than the average in SA Police and 20% of their sergeants are women.

Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific Region – highly commended

Assistant Commander Lautoa Faletau, Tongan Police
Highly commended for her work in both the Tongan Police and the South Pacific Chiefs of Police Conference – Women’s Advisory Network, which is now called the Pacific Island Chief of Police – Women’s Advisory Network, she has been an instrumental role model not only for the WAN but also the Tongan Police.

Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific Region – highly commended

Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Women’s Advisory Network
These five members of the Women’s Advisory Network for the Pacific were nominated by the Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat in recognition of the work they have done to develop the Network. Detective Superintendent Ann McEvoy from the Australian Federal Police, Federal Agent Gerry Morris – Australian Federal Police; Federal Agent Sharon Cowden – Australian Federal Police, Inspector Dawn Bell – New Zealand Police and Assistant Commander Lautoa Faletau from the Tongan Police are jointly acknowledged for their achievements developing and maintaining a network that promises to bring real change for women and policing in the Pacific region.

Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific Region – highly commended

Acting Commissioner Arthur Edmanley, Vanuatu Police Force
Someone who has not wasted his opportunity to make a difference for women. He has recognised that policing for women in the Pacific Region needs to change, as it also needs to do in many other regions. He has been instrumental in supporting the Vanuatu Police Force women, both sworn and unsworn.

Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific Region

Senior Inspector Delphine Vuti, Vanuatu Police Force
A woman who leads by example and demonstrates her commitment to continual improvement. She strives to improve her own skills and knowledge and encourages those who are coming behind her.
A woman who among her other achievements, is the highest ranking female officer in the Vanuatu Police Force. She leads the way, sharing her experiences and personal qualities with others, always with a view to enable women and men to advance themselves within the Vanuatu Police Service.