ACWAP Awards 2007

Monash University Excellence in Research on Improving Policing for Women

Inspector Theresa Walsh
A study of lives of women who were convicted of murder or manslaughter between 1991 and 2000 and how policing could have better responded to their circumstances.

Most Outstanding Female Administrator

Ms Catherine Gardner – New Zealand Police
Dynamic and innovative leader who successfully completed a restructure and expansion of the District File Management Centre

Most Outstanding Female Administrator – Highly Commended

Inspector Joanne Aitken – Queensland Police Service
Excellent role model who is extremely supportive of her staff and encourages the development of all Women in the QPS.

Excellence in Emoloyment Initiative

Ms Barbara Blackmur – Queensland Police Service
Making part-time operational policing a reality through the Operational Proportionate Approach to part time operational policing.

Austral Media Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific Region Award

Inspector Juanita Matanga – Solomon Islands
Exceptional role model and mentor for women police and women in the community.

Best workplace relations outcome for women

No nominations received.

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner Award

Senior Sergeant Donna Fyfe – Queensland Police Service
Exceptional 22 year career and first female Forensic Services Coordinator for QLD Far Northern Region.

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner – Highly Commended

Mrs Gabrielle Quirke – New Zealand Police
Developing the Whakakotahi Family Violence Project to improve and reduce the instances of repeat family violence .

Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative Award

Sergeant Michelle Plumpton – Tasmania Police
Mentoring young women in the community

Most Outstanding Female Leader Award

Senior Sergeant Joy Murphy – Victoria Police
Visionary, inspirational and supportive leader who is highly professional and experienced at providing quality service to the community.

Most Outstanding Female Leader – Highly Commended

Superintendent Vicki Arender – NSW 
Quite achiever, inspirational leader and mentor to all in her Command.

Hellweg Bravery Award

Senior Constable Suzanne Waydock – South Australia Police
Bravery through a workplace injury in 1998 and on going bravery through treatment and her fight to remain in the police service.

Austral Media Most Outstanding Female Investigator Award

Detective Superintendent Gayle Hogan – Queensland Police Service
A senior investigator with a commitment to the women in her community.

Austral Media Most Outstanding Female Investigator – Highly Commended

Detective Senior Constable Lorenda Barber – NSW Police
Outstanding performance during a difficult and prolonged but successful major crime sexual predator investigation.

Bev Lawson Memorial Award

Assistant Commissioner Ann Lewis – Queensland Police
A “first” for women in many areas who works hard to pave the way for the women who are following her

Contribution to Policing

Commissioner Richard McCreadie – Tasmania
Making a real difference for female police in Tasmania.