ACWAP Awards 2010

The 12th Annual Excellence in Policing Awards were presented on 16 October 2010 at the Marriott Hotel Brisbane.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific Region

Susan Mondai
Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary
A career during which she has focused her efforts to elevate female police integrate police women to position’s of management and decision making. Policing some of the most challenging areas on our region she targets areas where women and children’s human rights are abused.

Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative

Mark Murdoch
NSW Police
Assistant Commissioner Murdoch has been pivotal in leading the NSW Police’s response to domestic and family violence to improve outcomes for victims and their families. Showing leadership and commitment he has strengthened relationships that improve policing and justice outcomes for women, and established relationships with feminist networks which have enhanced the existing relationship between the domestic violence sector, the community and the NSW Police.

Highly Commended Excellence in Policing for Women Initiative

Sergeant Michelle Millar
Queensland Police Service
An exceptional commitment to making a real difference to the lives of Queensland Police Service women. She has not only found innovative ways to empower and support those in need, but has put in the hard yards to make it happen, again and again.

Austral Media Most Outstanding Female Administrator

Debbie Platz
Queensland Police Service
Inspector Debbie Platz in an outstanding administrator who is highly competent in the administrative and operational areas of policing and law enforcement. Her contribution is valued and her skills are underpinned by high levels of judgment, interpersonal communication skills and operational/resource management skills.

Hellweg Bravery Award

Karen Ballantyne
Queensland Police Service
Senior Sergeant Karen Ballantyne inspires others by conducting discipline investigations with integrity, professionalism and impartiality, and demonstrates courage and resilience in the face of criticism and the stigma of investigating police. She is a leader and role model for investigating complaints against members of the Service.

Highly Commended Hellweg Bravery Award

Maha Sukkar
Victoria Police
Senior Constable Sukkar is an individual whose passion for multicultural policing provides an excellent conduit between Victoria Police and the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community.

Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Emily Tragis
Queensland Police Service
Senior Constable Emily Tragis is inspirational with her innovation and tenacity toward changing the lives of at risk youth in the Palm Beach police division toward meaningful engagement and social responsibility.

Highly Commended Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Christine Smith
NSW Police
Mrs Christine Smith shows outstanding commitment and achievements in working to reduce domestic and family violence, and in particular working with external stakeholders to improve the delivery of support services for victims of domestic and family violence. Known her wealth of knowledge, expertise and determination to ‘look outside the square’.

Highly Commended Most Outstanding Female Practitioner

Naomi Oberscheidt
South Australia Police
Detective Sergeant Naomi Oberscheidt constantly challenges the ‘status quo’ by breaking down barriers in sections previously dominated by older and more experienced male officers. She enhances the profile of women, creates a career-path they may not have considered, and clearly demonstrates to others, that a person who meets a challenge and delivers on performance, can succeed.

Austral Media Most Outstanding Female Investigator

Tracey Barnes
Queensland Police Service
Detective Sergeant Tracey Barnes is a highly professional investigator who from her early stages of her investigative duties has committed to assist other female officers to enhance their career by choosing an investigator’s role within the Queensland Police Service.

Most Outstanding Female Leader

Karen McCarthy
An outstanding ability to inspire and instil confidence in those around her through her integrity, loyalty and outstanding leadership. She is professional, dynamic, with integrity and dedication throughout her career and continues to mentor and guide her staff both males and females while leading by example. Her magnetic qualities result in staff aspiring to work for and with her.

Australian Institute of Policing Excellence in Research on Improving Policing for Women

Caroline Taylor
Edith Cowan University
Professor Caroline Taylor speaks with the valid authority of lived experience. Her groundbreaking research into the impact of the legal system on survivor of sexual assault and child abuse is outstanding and her research with Victoria Police into police management of sexual assault victims is the first research of its kind.

Highly Commended Excellence in Research

Peta Maddigan
Australian Federal Police
Federal Agent Maddigan’s research into the patterns of sworn female police office in the Australian Federal Police examined the barriers to promotion. The research found that when women were removed from mainstream policing positions their career opportunities were negatively affected.

Audrey Fagan Memorial Award

Leisa James
Australian Federal Police
Federal Agent Leisa James is a role model for policing in Australia and Indonesia who not only demonstrates high level liaison skills, innovative investigational techniques but provides leadership to Australian and Indonesian Police women all performed in a challenging operational environment, significant cultural diversity and widely varied legal systems.

Bev Lawson Memorial Award

Deborah Wallace
NSW Police
Superintendent Deb Wallace is committed to the leadership and mentoring of women in the NSW Police. Amongst many accomplishments she is most noted for her involvement with the NSW Police Women’s Spokeswomen’s Network from grass-roots presentations at Development Days to attendance at Women in Policing functions and committee membership of the network. Deb has shown the qualities of fierce determination, unstoppable progression and a tough resilience of fighting all odds. She takes on the most challenging roles in the investigative field and currently commanding one of the most difficult squads within the State Crime Command, Middle Eastern Organised Crime.