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The Australasian Council of Women and Policing Inc is working to improve policing for women

It was established in August 1997 and is a growing group of women and men within police services, law enforcement agencies and the community who are working together to:

• improve the policing services provided to women;

                            • improve opportunities and outcomes for women within policing;

          • participate in the global network of women in policing.

We invite you to join the Australasian Council of Women and Policing.

The horrific murder of three people, including two female Officers in Belgium yesterday reminds us all of the dangers faced when policing in today’s world. ACWAP sends it deepest sympathy and prayers to the families of all involved but particularly acknowledge the tragic deaths of Soraya Belkacemi and Lucile Garcia who gave their lives protecting the community they lived and worked in. ACWAP acknowledges their sacrifice and expresses our gratitude for their service which will not be forgotten.

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Griffith University

Griffith University – Women in Policing Scholarship

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University are offering a serving female police officer in Australia, New Zealand or Pacific Nation, a $2500 scholarship to further their professional development.  The recipient may use the scholarship funds towards commencing an accredited university program, or in continuance of an accredited program already underway.  Funds may also be used to assist with expenses directly associated with the program (eg. course fees, text books).

It is a requirement that the study be relevant to policing. The recipient is asked to outline in their application how the study will benefit them in their profession and career progression within the policing context. Payment of scholarship funds will be dependent upon proof of enrolment in an accredited university program.

Female police officers are invited to submit an expression of interest of no more than two pages addressing the following, utilising the application form:

    • Title of program and name of University
    • Relevance to policing career. Clearly indicate how the course is relevant to the contemporary policing environment
    • Professional development benefits. Clearly state the relevance of these studies, for which you are applying for support, to your own individual professional development goals.  You should indicate how the completion of the studies will enhance your career trajectory.
  • Current enrolment status. (If program is underway: proof of enrolment and academic transcript.  If program has not yet been started: proof of enrolment, including proposed date of commencement.)

Please click here to download the Women in Policing Scholarship form. If you are interested in applying for the Scholarship, please submit your completed application to awards@acwap.com.au

Applications for the Griffith University Women in Policing Scholarship close on Monday 3rd June 2019.

The successful applicant will be publicly announced at the 21st Excellence in Policing Awards in Canberra on 4 September 2019 as part of the 2019 ACWAP Conference “Collaboration – The future belongs to us”.  It is anticipated the successful applicant would be in attendance at the Awards Dinner to accept the scholarship.

For further information on ACWAP and the Development Seminar please go to www.ACWAP.com.au


To view Editions 41 and 42 of The Journal for Women and Policing please click on the images below: